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Lose Weight Faster with Exotic New Diet Pill From Hawaii...

We just had to know more so we did the research...

Article Published On: October 14, 2021 at 9:27 am

Staff reporter Sarah Parker investigates a new weight loss solution that is quickly gaining popularity in USA mainland from Hawaii.

(Live Young) - Usually I don’t recommend "weight-loss" supplements; but I'm excited about this new garcinia cambogia based product from Hawaii Slim. Not only did I use the product and lose weight (my results below) but several of my girlfriends have lost weight with this product as well. So I decided to investigate a little further and here’s what I discovered...

Dozens of weight loss experts, including a famous TV Doctor, have been talking up the benefits of garcinia cambogia, and there’s real science behind the weight loss results that people have been experiencing. With an edgy technology, Hawaii Slim has delivered a rock solid garcinia cambogia based product with the added benefits of proven ingredients such as, Spirulina, Ginger, Ginseng and Green Tea extract.

Hawaii Slim truly is a body sculpting product that will give you amazing results on your physical frame as it did mine. Hawaii Slim also has the capability to energize and reinvigorate your body. This product is very impressive. Check it out...

Well for starters Hawaii Slim claims that you can "Lose Weight 3 Times Faster" with their product. You are probably thinking the same thing I did the first time I heard that. How? That was the same question I had as well. Here’s what Hawaii Slim claims their product has:

  • More active fat burning ingredients to accelerate your results.
  • Plant based natural energy to fight fatigue.
  • Detoxifying herbs to flush toxins.
  • Additional fat burners to target belly fat.
  • Powerful appetite suppressants to stop cravings.

This blended supplement is supposed to work better than straight garcinia cambogia, which is what everyone else sells. Okay, that all makes sense and sounds good. But putting it to the test and seeing the results is what counts. So, with my editors blessing, I decided to go out and put the product to the test myself. What better way to find out the truth then to conduct my own study?

To get started, I gladly volunteered for this assignment because I needed to lose some weight (around 35 pounds to be exact). I found out that many of the ingredients in Hawaii Slim actually come from from Hawaii. Where the volcanic soil is rich in minerals and nutrients and produces some of the highest quality ingredients and potent botanicals in the world.

Hawaii Slim ia a powerful "triple action" formula that combines garcinia cambogia with 50% HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), more fat burners, a natural energy ingredient and detoxifying herbs. From what I found out in my research, is that a powerful blend of ingredients is far superior than taking a 100% garcinia cambogia product by itself.

When I first opened my bottle of Hawaii Slim the aroma of its contents smelled heavenly and I knew it contained quality ingredients. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people selling weight loss supplements and if you decide to try a weight loss supplement, make sure you are getting the real thing with no fillers or binders.

Putting Hawaii Slim to the Test:

How I Felt On the Hawaii Slim Diet

Hawaii Slim has a very unique and powerful combination of ingredients that took the extra pounds right off my body. It was easy to use and I just loved the "yummy" smell every time I opened the bottle to take it.

Since it also reduced my cravings that helped take the weight off even faster. Once I was "over the hump" so to speak. I saw results and became empowered, which in turn put me in control for once.

There was no more having a bad day and rushing to the refrigerator for my favorite comfort foods. Having the extra energy while I was on Hawaii Slim was very important to me and a nice bonus as well. Anyway, enough rambling and let's now look at my results...

The Results of My 4 Week Test of Hawaii Slim:

Week 1

My order arrived quickly, and I was eager for weight loss action. I took one Hawaii Slim in the morning, and another at night with food. The supplement did not upset my stomach or repeat on me.

I noticed right away that I was less hungry and able to eat smaller meals. My energy levels were fine, and I was able to work and take a walk in the evening.

Week 2

I’m still feeling good, and my energy levels are still high. I began noticing changes in the way my clothing fit – the pants I was busting out of were suddenly loose on me. Yay!

This Hawaii Slim is doing the job, and my ‘tude about the claims moved from skeptical to positive.

End of week result: I lost another five pounds.

Week 3

This is a critical time for me as far as dieting goes. Willpower usually falls apart, and I always ruin my diet permanently around this time.

Taking Hawaii Slim kept me from messing up because I simply wasn’t very hungry. I was also seeing great results on the scale that helped me stay focused on my goal.

End of week result: I lost four more pounds.

Week 4

I began this week having lost almost half of the weight I set out to lose. I was amazed that I made so much progress so quickly. I sensed that Hawaii Slim was doing more than helping to reduce my appetite. It seemed to be performing a type of metabolic magic: preventing sugars from turning into fat.

I saw the results on the scale and the size of my waistline.

Dieting always made me tired and cranky, but not so while taking Hawaii Slim Triple Action Formula. Now halfway to the finish line, I feel that Hawaii Slim’s claims that you can lose weight up to three times faster is possible.

End of week result: I lost 3 ½ more pounds.

Here are the results after it was all said and done. I lost a healthy 35 pounds while being on the Hawaii Slim diet.

Follow up
Several months later, I have lost the 35 pounds I set out to lose, plus another two for good measure. I’m on maintenance, and still taking a reduced dosage of Hawaii Slim to preserve my weight loss.

It’s safe enough to use for long-term if you need to. It’s also okay to take Hawaii Slim Triple Action Formula anytime if you happen to regain a few pounds and would like to kick those few extra pounds to the curb.

Conclusion: Based on my experience with this product and the research I've done. I can proudly award them a 5 out of 5 stars   After conducting our own personal study we are pleased to see that people really are finding success with it. Follow the links to order your Hawaii Slim we have provided and know that you are getting a quality product that works; no strings attached!

Good Luck with your weight loss!

- Sarah Parker

 Note: There are no monthly recurring charges and no hidden fees with this discount offer. 

How to Get Hawaii Slim and Lose Weight 3 Times Faster

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Read Response For: "Hawaii Slim is not available on the Mainland..." (7 out of 47)
Anita Comment Left On: October 15 at 11:19 am

I'm excited to try the Hawaii Slim diet and will definitely be following back up on my results. Thank you for the article and writing about your results. This has helped to motivate me to lose weight.

Laura Comment Left On: October 15 at 4:19 pm

Sarah, I'm currently on my 2nd month on Hawaii Slim and i have to say.. this month on this stuff and i have works :) thank you so much for putting up this article.

Rebekah Comment Left On: October 15 at 8:07 pm

I have been procrastinating for 2 months now on losing weight and today is the day I am gonna take action and get started. I've gone ahead and ordered and going to go do 30 minutes of exercising right now! Thanks Live Young for the motivation for get me started! Love, Rebekah

Lee Comment Left On: October 14 at 10:32 am

Hey, Sarah, I read your report and realized that Hawaii Slim will work for men who want to lose weight!! You should mention how great this diet is for us men too, don't forget it next time. LOL!

Amber Comment Left On: October 14 at 11:13 am

My daughter has had weight issues since she was a baby and the doctor says we really need to get her on a diet so she can lose 50 lbs. I really hope this is the answer. Thank you Live Young

Mike Comment Left On: October 14 at 2:21 pm

How well does this stuff work for guys? I'd like to lose 7 lbs so I look better with my shirt off! I already ordered the product.

Ann Comment Left On: October 14 at 9:55 pm

My husband and I both need to lose weight because we are going to be seeing family we haven't seen in 10 years. Already ordered it and we are both going to try this out, thanks. The Hutchins family.

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